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Story 77

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light & Abounding in Hope with Lyme.
How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

I’m not sure exactly when I contracted Lyme. I never saw a tick, never had a bulls-eye rash or any of the other tell-tale signs of a Lyme infection.

I suspect I was bitten when I was pregnant with my fourth child in 2006. It took me two years to get a diagnosis and by the time I did, I had chronic neurological Lyme.

If it wasn’t enough that I became very ill, my three daughters and husband were also diagnosed very soon after I was. Later we found out my son and contracted it from me while I was pregnant with him.

Our symptoms became severe despite heavy doses of antibiotics. One of my daughters suffered terribly with PANS. It was the most difficult time of my life, of our lives! We were desperate for help and desperate to get better.

We couldn’t travel the world or go from doctor to doctor because all six of us needed treatment and because Lyme disease costs are completely out of pocket, it kept us with a doctor who wasn’t getting us better.

We tried to use herbs, we changed our diets and we did everything we could on our own to get better, but nothing seemed to help us get off the antibiotics. Eventually, our doctor told us she didn’t know how to get us better, especially my daughter.

I prayed for God’s leading and asked him to help us. That very next weekend I was told about an alternative care doctor.

He was able to get my entire family better using homeopathy. He even helped my daughter who had PANS.

As a mom, my purpose for so many years was to get my children better. It was heartbreaking to watch them suffer so much.

Now, it’s so amazing to see them healthy and fulfilling their dreams after such a long, miserable battle.

We lost many years of our lives fighting a battle that no one believed in and that no one seemed to know how to treat. It wasn’t talked about as much then. We lost friends, opportunities, and a lot of money.

My message to others who are fighting this battle is to never give up! Healing is possible. Keep believing, keep hoping, and keep fighting!

I’m inspired by how amazing the human body is and how it can heal when given the proper nutrition, exercise, emotional support, and treatment.

“There are no hopeless situations, only those who have grown hopeless.”

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