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Spread your wings! Click any of the blank butterflies below to save. Fill the wings with what inspires you. Use this as creative expression and identity. Feel free to print out the butterfly and alter it any way you desire, or you can utilize any free online source for image editing such as; befunky, pixlr, etc. Write on it, draw/paint on it, make a collage, make your own shape wings, have a loved one or child help—just take a moment for yourself to let go!

Upload your butterfly in the form below if you would like to include it to represent your story! If you’re not feeling artsy, upload an image of what you’d like to fill the wings with, a butterfly you like, or describe what you’d imagine your wings to look like in the last section below.

    Upload your butterfly design here.

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    How has Lyme, tick-borne disease or invisible illness affected your life, what's your story?

    What inspires you? Is there a quote that inspires you?

    If you aren't feeling artsy, what would you imagine your wings to look like?

    Check this box if Life in Lyme Light can publish your story and butterfly anonymously.

    *For more information, or if you’re experiencing issues with this entry form; please email 

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