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Story 76

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.
How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

In May 2015, my son graduated from high school by the end of June, he was so sick. No one could give us any answers and my beautiful strong son was dissolving before my eyes. He just kept getting worse new symptoms joined the old ones so fast, I knew we would lose him before long. Four months later we finally got a positive diagnosis, we thought, ok we can treat this right? We could never have known how very wrong that was. After a long hard fight we found a cure that took care of not only his Lyme but his bartonella and his yersinia (the bacteria of Black Plague fame) but also reversed his liver failure. I became a Lyme warrior mom. I have been able to help so many and I will as long as I can.

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  1. kathy

    are you using a natural protocol? We are in Pa. travelling to MD to a holistic aricular MD to do tinctures for my husband’s chronic Lyme. Antibotics and herbs did not appear to help longterm. Thoughts?

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