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Story 42

© Graphic by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

I’m tired, pale, hurting, and still trying to smile. At this point, not even death scares me. There isn’t anything that scares me anymore. I’ve been through it all. What terrifies me even more is the fact that I don’t know if I’ll be able to be treated this time around. I may be denied for treatment, and I definitely do not have 15k laying around. Last time the totals paid were closer to a Million for only 2 years of treatment. And Insurance doesn’t cover it all my friends. Tell me again how you got bit but you think you’ll be ok without going to the Doctor. Tell me again when you have near death experiences and doctors still won’t believe you. My Dr., who is currently partnering with the U.S. Federal Legislation for new Lyme regulations, and has been in practice for over 25 years, who has seen patients all over the world, once told me I was one of THE WORST cases he’s ever seen, and lived to tell. So tell me everything. But don’t tell me this isn’t real.

Chronic Lyme is a very traumatic illness. It’s a death to your life filled with health, careers, loved ones, finances, and hobbies. Lyme Disease brought out other illnesses in me that I never had before. It damaged my nervous/cardiac system. It left me with fear inside. Discussing it is like reliving a nightmare, but I do it to help others. I am so adamant that you need to check yourself for ticks everyday & be aware of the early symptoms, because you don’t always see a bite. If you suspect Lyme, find a way to get treatment immediately. At least 1-3 months of antibiotics to be sure. It may be 100$ or so now, but if you wait a matter of months it can easily turn into $100,000, permanent damage to your health, and a fight for your life.

We met on Instagram under the hashtag #lymedisease. Never did I think I’d meet you. A year ago you drove 8 hours total in 1 day to see me. A year later, we are eating dinner together in our place while Calvin plays in the background. Being in a relationship with Chronic Illnesses is not easy. There’s empathy, but also trials. From Lyme disease, tumors, blood clots, and hospitalizations. To spontaneous vacations, endless smiles and more often, watching crime shows while ice packing our heads with migraines, laughing at each other thinking-what on earth is wrong with our bodies..? If someone wants to be in your life, they will make it happen ❤️ Everyday is unpredictable for us; but we support each other. Nothing is impossible when we are together.

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