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Story 152

Color pencil sketch of a butterfly, with alternating blue and purple sections in the wings.
© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme disease affected your life? What inspires you?

This Lyme disease. It impairs my speech. I forget words. Attacks my Nervous system. Paralysis of my face…Brain fog. Severe migraines that last for days. Has caused Brain lesions. Chronic fatigue…(longest slept 19 hours) my body will just shutdown. Severe pain at times. Stress trigger…sickness trigger…tired trigger…I can have some symptoms that stay for weeks, days, hours, or even moments. It just appears 😳 it’s from any kind of bug. Blood transfusion…from mother to child. #lymediseaseawareness

Video Transcription:
It’s Saturday, April 27th. So I am having this whatever it is, where my right side is not functioning. My speech this morning has not been good, it’s a lot of stuttering today, having trouble saying words, and having a hard time trying to think of the words. I wanted to document this for when I see the doctors on Monday because I don’t how my speech will be Monday, so as you can see my face, my mouth is sometimes functioning correctly and not moving to the left side, and sometimes it’s not, it’s the weirdest thing. Okay, I’ll keep you posted throughout the day, because every minute, it changes. Bye!

Video Transcription:
Well today is April 28th, and as you can see my speech is good, my mouth is functioning. It’s been a good and a bad day, the speech was horrible this morning. Migraines—a lot of migraines most of the day on and off. I did get a lot of…I rested pretty good today. If I get enough sleep, it seems to help my speech. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, that’s it!

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