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Story 121

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life?

In 2008 I got infected, and wasn’t diagnosed until 2016. I lost my health, career, money, friends, family’s belief if I was ill or not, and my purpose. Lyme takes you to death’s door, but it doesn’t kill you. You’re technically alive, but you’re not living. Losing your health doesn’t allow you to sustain anything. You’re suddenly stationary in life. It’s as though someone pressed the pause button when I got infected, and I’m waiting so so badly to press play, but nothing happens. I’m still waiting…

What inspires you?

At my lowest point mentally and physically I could not walk without assistance. I could barely hold myself up and had difficulty speaking and digesting information. I recall telling a Lyme doctor, “I’m at the end…”. She said, “That’s fantastic! That means you’re at the beginning”. That has always stuck with me and has become my mantra of hope.

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