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Story 120

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life?

Lyme stole the life I once had. Used to love jumping and competing with my horse, but I haven’t been on him in over a year because of the pain, balance and a million other issues. Lost many friends because I couldn’t go out like I once could. My daughter has witnessed intensity at a young age and unseen pain that now has her terrified of any pain. 

It’s hard at times to do daily chores and what not. I’m sick of seeing doctors, trying treatment after treatment that doesn’t seem to get me anywhere. My family has spent thousands of dollars on me to help me get better. Along with putting my education on hold because I was too sick to attend class. 

What inspires you?

On the flip side, I’m grateful because my walk with God has become very strong, my fiancé has the heart of Job to deal with this and not being able to help other than be by my side. He helps me with many of my treatments and has become quite the farm hand to haul hay for my horse because I don’t have the strength to throw bales like I used to. 

I no longer fear death, more like stare it down and I’m like bring it on, you won’t win! I’ve learned so much about medicine, vaccines and medical treatments. Who needs to go through MD school when you can have Lyme? LOL 

All in all, we each have a different journey and story to tell, it’s just trying to see the silver lining at the end of the day. Along with, valuing those who have stayed with us through our journeys. I hope to make it through OTA school, so I can use my knowledge and experience with Lyme to help others to heal, at least bringing them the joy they lost.

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