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Story 107

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected you life? What inspires you?

Nope—never had a bullseye rash! I have been feeling bad for since I can remember… Until I got married and my husband pointed out it wasn’t “normal”… Was in and out of hospitals for YEARS, saw countless doctors and NOTHING. 

Then my youngest daughter started having “issues” with her articulations and we looked into that also with no success (EVERYTHING came back negative) and my heart told me that the “something wrong” was the same as I. 

I fought like a lioness to get help for her when she became disabled and couldn’t walk anymore 🙁 Eventually friends suggested Lyme… Looked into it.. And tested positive (both) to Lyme and I to Babesia as well.

 Three months into treatment and physical therapy she walked again!!!! (she had been in therapy alone for almost 5 months and it hadn’t helped). To this day she is doing great… We take it on a day to day basis 🙂

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