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Story 93

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

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I was originally infected with Lyme and co-infections at the age of 4. I’m 24 now. After 3.5 years of treatment I still don’t feel well but I’m much better. At 20 I was unable to walk to the restroom from my couch. I would crawl. I couldn’t extend my legs or arms without extreme joint pain. I couldn’t sleep, my skin would fall off, nerves would burn, head would pound, stomach would hurt. Drenching night sweats, out of breath, completely dysfunctional mentally.

I had family members tell me I looked like an old man and that I was making myself sick. I threatened to suicide just so that those family members would listen and unfortunately I ended up in a mental institution for a night. I wasn’t going to suicide, I just wanted to be heard. They wouldn’t listen when I said I didn’t feel well while growing up and they still didn’t want to believe that I was sick.

Then they didn’t want to believe in my diagnosis when I was tested at a homeopathic office using bio-energetic testing. After that they didn’t want to believe in my treatments and that it would take 3-6 years. They thought I could just get up and act like nothing was wrong since I was now treating it.

Unfortunately Lyme takes a great toll on your body to heal. Herxing is hell and very painful to go through. You don’t know what to expect the next day. Luckily I’ve had my mom to help support me, otherwise I would not have cared enough to keep fighting. I needed a reason to keep going and her and my sister were my reason because they cared enough to listen.

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