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Story 83

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.
How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

Before I realized I had Lyme I got Bell’s palsy. They gave me antidepressants because I “looked” depressed. I about fell out of my chair!

Goodness gracious!! Isn’t it crazy what we’ve learned! I’m a nurse and I have such a hard time making other medical professionals believe anything that I say.. the struggle is REAL… my doctor had Lyme himself so he was able to tell me that I wasn’t crazy and a hypochondriac. I was so relieved! I bawled my eyes out… years of being told I was fine and overreacting and that there was nothing wrong with me vanished in a moment!

They told me I was very young when I first contracted the disease and then around 19/20 when I got it again, about the same time I got Bell’s palsy… It is hard to hold your tongue sometimes. Just the other day when I read spiders can also transfer the disease, because I have never been bit by a tick, lots of mosquitos, chiggers, spiders, but no tick! I remembered a bad bite I had on my inner thigh from sitting in the grass when I was little and it was a spider bite. Was huge and it lasted for a long time and BOOM probably the first time. Crazy I remember that, but around 5/6 I remember getting headaches, joint pains and sick often. Memory started to get bad around 5th grade and just gradually got worse and worse. Around 22 I was like an Alzheimer’s patient. That’s when I knew something was wrong and sought help…

What a life!! I await the day you’re healed and healthy with no pain! I believe that day will come! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with a similar story to mine, it’s nice (not really) to not feel alone in the journey, but wish it wasn’t true at the same time. I’ve gotten cleared from Lyme for now, I’ve had to deal with biofilm a few times but I’ve definitely made a lot of progress from where I was… So I pray we all live long healthy lives and we kick this awful diseases bum!! <3

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