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Story 60

© Image by Life in Lyme Light.

Life gave me Lyme instead of lemons

How has Lyme Disease affected your life?

There are so many ways Lyme has effected my life. Lyme effects every bit of my everyday. The pain, the fatigue, the depression, anxiety, memory loss, lack of energy, lack of sleep, the supplements the STRUGGLE everything is at least 10x harder than they use to be. Not one part of my life is untouched by my Lyme. I’m a high school student and each day is nearly unbearable. My goal when I drag myself out of bed is to just make it though the day and come home to rest and do it all over the next day. The frustration of not being able to remember anything is probably one of the hardest things I have to deal with. Socializing is Nearly impossible and being able to retain information for my schooling is difficult. Many times I been stared at funny because I repeat myself or I look like an idiot. But it’s okay. I’ve had Lyme symptoms for nearly 2 years and but have just recently found out I had it 3 months ago. And I’m incredibly blessed to have had Lyme for such a short period of time before I found I had it. I read some of these stories and realize I don’t got it too bad.  I’m just beginning my journey with treating my Lyme. My treatment date has been postponed many times because my body is too weak to even receive treatment but hopefully on the 15th that will change and I can get to treating my Lyme.  I have an amazing mom (who also has Lyme) and team of doctors to help my though this. Very grateful for the community of lymies and their support. Just take one day at a time and don’t stress. You can only do your best and some days that may look like laying around all day in your Snuggie. P.S. let the C.D.C. know I got my Lyme in Arkansas;)

What inspires you?

“You’ll get better, maybe not today or tomorrow or next week but you will. So hang in there hun.”

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