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Story 55

How has Lyme Disease affected your life?

Have suffered for 18yrs. Also lost my career and now have to live on Social Security. Would have committed suicide also a long time ago because all of those around me have not given the support they should. But I am a Born Again Christian and Jesus is with me. > One CRUCIAL POINT I NEED TO MAKE is that when the lyme was the worst, I heard the audible voice of God tell me to take the herb SHEEP SORREL. I did for awhile but in my screwed up “flesh” decided it was not showing enough progress and quit. HUGH MISTAKE. I mean I literally heard the audible voice of God say, “sheep sorrel”. I didn’t know what he was even saying because I had never heard of the herb – so I wrote the words down, called local health food store and learned it was in fact an herb….So I quit taking it. To this day I cannot believe I did that. Have endured said disease and lost so much only to find out that SHEEP SORREL CLEANSES THE BLOOD – EXACTLY WHERE THE SPIROCHETES LIVE. So, I strongly advise anyone who comes down with this disease to TAKE THAT HERB AND NEVER STOP. It is water soluble, so you cannot become toxic by it.

What inspires you?

What most inspires me is the Bible.” – BJ

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