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Story 45

© Image by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

I am only writing this because I WISH that someone on my instagram or in my life did and I could have saved myself months of torture. I have Lyme disease. You might need to look that up but here’s why you need to know.

Lyme disease is becoming increasingly common and it’s HARD to diagnose. I have known something was wrong for a long time, I have had problems in just about every part of my body and as the years have gone on the extreme fatigue has gotten worse and worse. It went from having frequent naps that I chalked up to a bad diet and a lot of booze in University to not being able to function or walk for more than 5 minutes or even have a halfway functional conversation. Along with unimaginable Fatigue I have extreme brain fog, joint pain, headaches and other lovely symptoms that’s you can also google.

Lyme disease can have over 80 different symptoms and everyone is different. It has honestly ruined my life as I knew it and if I didn’t have such an amazing support system I don’t know where i would be. The thing is, I was diagnosed with so many things before lyme and doctors brushed me off saying that I was depressed or I needed psych help. I persisted, I kept looking for answers because I refused to accept that I could possibly be THAT sick for no reason.

I actually had to get tested in the states because Canada does not have the advanced testing to catch late stage lyme disease (nor do they treat it) I did not have a rash, I didn’t even know that ticks could cause me so much harm until a few months ago. The point of this post is that I want people to know and be informed about this brutal, debilitating disease because I didn’t and just a little bit of information could have saved me the hell that my family and I have been through.

It’s becoming more common and no one ever talks about it. It’s an invisible illness that takes everything away from you and a little awareness would be amazing. I just hope that someone who reads this may be able to help someone who is also sick or will make sure they check themselves and their friends for ticks next time they are in the forest and bullseye rashes. If you catch a tick on your skin go to the hospital.

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