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Story 33

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

Transcribed from video entry, click here to view. My name is Bonnie and through the grace of God I met this woman, Karen and thank God she’s helping me out. Anyway, I am a property manager, and/or I should say I was a property manager for eight years. In January of 2015 I began to have pain in my shoulder and my neck. I went to a pain management doctor who gave me a shot, who gave me a shot in my shoulder, but the pain didn’t go away.

I have to read this because I can’t remember what to say, that’s how bad I have Lyme Disease. Next I went to a chiropractor who after three weeks, said he couldn’t touch my nerves, they were too sensitive. Then I tried a physical therapist, I went eleven times. He said the swelling was too much, and he saw swelling in my elbows and told me to get checked for Lupus. My pain management then sent me for MRIs of my neck and my back and he gave me pain meds. And he sent me to a neurologist, since then I have seen five different neurologists. And rheumatologist and whatever, but I’ve been on five different pain medications. Right now I’m on Nucynta, the immediate release and the extended release. Which my pain goes right through that. I can’t be on Oxycontin or any of that because it makes me itch too much. I scratch up my whole entire body.

Finally I saw an infectious disease doctor, that thank God he was Lyme literate. He tested me for Lyme disease and sixteen weeks later, I’m still on the Rocephin drip and of course the Nucynta, for pain.

I can’t sleep at night because the pain is too severe. The pain goes from my neck, all the way down my neck, up to behind my ear, to the front of my head. Pains in my elbows, pains in my ribs and my knees and my feet. It’s in my left eye, it’s in my fingers, my wrists. I have pain in my shoulders, I can’t remember what I did five minutes ago. So I don’t know whether this Rocephin will.. well Rocephin is helping because I’m not in a brain fog anymore.

My husband was so afraid that one day I would wake up and not know who he was. Anyway, I want to say thank you Karen, from the bottom of my heart, and I believe in God. I met you Karen and you changed my life. And I met all these people on Facebook, that changed my life. So, thank you Karen, and thank you to all the people on Facebook that I haven’t met and call my friends. God bless you all, bye now.

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