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Story 28

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

It is no secret that I’ve been battling chronic Lyme disease for two years now and although I find it entirely unnecessary to complain, it is extremely important for the cdc to acknowledge this growing epidemic.

In seventh grade it started with joint pain which progressed into fatigue and stomach issues. By freshman year, I could barely make it through the school day. My memory was terrible and it was difficult to read and focus. I had had three Lyme disease blood tests by this point, all coming back negative. My disease had progressed to point where I had to leave school, I could barely read and needed help up the stairs.

Finally I got a positive lyme test. Little did I know the suffering that lay ahead. I was diagnosed with three other pathogens, all from that one tiny tick. Since then everyday has been a struggle and completely unpredictable.

If I could somehow turn back time and take my disease back and all of its unimaginable pain, I wouldn’t. This disease has changed who I am and who I will become. To take it back would mean I’d lose my strength, compassion and wisdom. Every second you are alive you have a choose, are you going to be positive or are you going to be negative. I choose to be positive everyday I am breathing. I refuse to be a victim and I will never stop fighting. I am warrior and I battle my enemy every day all day. I will beat this awful disease and when I do you can all buy my book.

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