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Story 20


How has Lyme Disease affected your life?

There are Two Tick’s that invaded my body, my mind, my health and my existance. Two separate Lyme Disease diagnosis flowing through my  blood. Many Spiroquetes/Parasites invading my Spirit, turning my Soul into a Ghost and sucking my essence…

I learned how to second guess myself. I began judging myself as others may perceive me. I began shaming me. I let hate in. I chose disease as a way of life. I began defending Lyme Disease as my reality. I began to question non believers and non educated persons of Lyme Disease. I see only my comrades in Lyme Literate people. I shelter my heart in places you can’t touch and away from non believers. I only find interests in my small world of Lyme Disease in constant learning. I am critical of Doctors, Healthcare providers, and Healers who band together in ignorance, I have lost friends, my life, my knowledge, my serenity, my laugh, my passions, my drive, my purpose, my trust, my eyes, my ears, my smell, my touch, my instincts, my intuitive, my drive and my world.

I am paralyzed in thought, movement, peace, love, trust, faith and hope.

Peace and Serenity I yearn for, but can not afford.

I feel a shift now. I feel God’s grace and love. I have been on my knees more in my life than all of my Catholic training and beyond. A trust is creaking my closed door, that was once shut. A renewed faith is lifting my heart. Today, I feel my lips curve upward into a smile as I see hope in the near and not the distance. I felt love for the first time last night in ever so long as the words of my son clicked instead of rolling off… “I need you as much as you need me, we are both in this together…” God could not have been more profound in my eyes, ears, life and in my heart at that very moment, I felt that shift.

I will band every ounce of good, emotion, reality, trust, passion, drive, purpose and love possible to get on this train and let go, release, trust and forgive to move forward into a new journey a new life intended.

I have not let this in as I built walls, armies, and a defense no government could infiltrate.
Of myself I cannot do this but the Christ within me can and is performing miracles in my mind, body and affairs here and now. Thank you.

I Am That I Am…
I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness…
Please God, help us, guide us, strenghten and lift us up as We Lymies need you more than ever.

What inspires you?

My adult children Andrew, Kylene and Brynn, the sun and the moon, colors, flowers, laughter, sadness and joy, peace, serenity love and hate, the smell of a newborn baby, my Mother’s smile, the tops of the mountains, the depths in the sea, the tide and the waves, the moon, the fear of the unknown, laughter and tears, sorrow and pain, Love and Hate, birth and death, reassurance, hate, empathy and compassion, anger and forgiveness, sickness and in health, kneeling and praying, opening my heart and mind, trust, meditating, yoga, rest and sleep, love… Jesus and God.

“Dreams And Dreaming is a possession of the heart.
Stop dreaming the heart ceases.” – Myself 1979

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