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Story 155

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light, utilizing Adobe Firefly AI.

How has Lyme disease affected your life? What inspires you?

Lyme. An indescribable, sadistic checkmate. I, like all of you, fell like a pawn. For me, I can only now see the gifts my illness revealed. I may be in a different place than many of you… further down the road… in relief from the worst of the symptoms. But not for lack of severity. I was dying. A plain fact. The gifts I’ve finally come to recognize: an unbelievably thorough analysis of my body status, genetic, nutritional, toxic, infectious, and energetic, psychological. Experiences and realities that plagued me my entire life were finally explained. Genetic predisposition has affected my hormones, neurotransmitter status, subsequently my energy and mood levels and reactivity, for decades, priming me to be ripe for the Lyme induced PTSD that I’ve experienced. Add in the fact that I am an HSP empath, and you can imagine the damage I’ve sustained. Never would I have the understanding that I have now of who I am, if not for this “gift” of absolute misery. Yes, I was utterly failed by standard medicine, for over 4 years. My time and safety were sacrificed by my PCP. Somehow, clearly by divine grace, I advocated and dug deep, deep, deeper and found solutions. I found puzzle pieces that layer by stinky onion layer, I’ve slowly put together, peeling myself out of this living night terror.

My acute range has been 2012-2017, with lingering symptoms up to present day. I was properly diagnosed in early 2016. I think it’s very important for sufferers to know that there are some of us who are finding our way, albeit at glacial speed, out of this darkness. How many tales of suffering can you read, when you’re already miserable? What message, or more importantly, what vibrational level are they conveying that you may not be resistant to? Yes, we do need others to relate to, but we really, desperately need others who have walked our walk and are now successfully clawing their way up the face of this cliff, joining the land of the living. Notice, I didn’t say “returning” to the land of the living. No, dear sufferer… you may live again, but never as you once did. You are forever a new person; a survivor, a warrior, an attuned conscientious piece of this incredible divine field we travel through commonly referred to as the cosmos. It’s time for you to go through the recovery process… it’s multi-layered, long, uncomfortable for sure, and seemingly never ending. There is no silver bullet. You must do it all; knock down pathogens, build immunity, clear lymph and toxins, eat spotless, ground, and supplement based on labs so you are genetically dosing with accuracy for methylation. And near the end, when you are about to give up because you still get low-low down on the bad days, and just can’t figure out how you could possibly still feel so awful, you will finally… and only then… be ready to heal your mind and spirit through energy healing. You will need guidance on how to truly clear your energetic house of a body, so just plan on it. Namaste.

“Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”
—Isaiah 60:1

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