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Story 142

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

Lymie friends. Please tell me your horror stories about how you were mistreated by the hospital, doctors, ect. I have been many times. 

Before I knew it was Lyme I would take a trip to the emergency room. They would run all kinds of tests and find nothing. After the first few visits my chart was red flagged and if I would go I would get the speech on how I was wasting their time and not to come back. I was kicked out of my family doctor’s practice after 2 years of searching and getting my Lyme diagnosis. He told me that I was faking and that I just found someone to give me an answer to being depressed. Yelled at me and my mom. Told us to never come back. I have also had some doctors where they were non-believers and I have talked above their heads and made them think before they speak. I will have to say, that’s what I hate about most doctors; that they think they are God and talk over your head. Not my head anymore. 

You must get educated on your illness. Ask questions. Be your own advocate. But enough about me I want to hear your horror stories. I want other non Lymies to see what we go through. Thanks.

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