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Story 113

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light.

How has Lyme Disease affected your life?

Lyme will never completely disappear, mostly the tests can only show a very aggressive form, which means that if you have it “under control” the tests won’t show it anymore. But it’s like a sleeping disease—you can’t see it and can’t find it, nor cure it. It’s always there but we’re to try to keep it under control. 

I’m working with a holistic doctor who’s really great. He teaches me a lot about my body and my illness. He’s devastated every time a treatment doesn’t work for me. When I was a baby they put me on vaccinations and put them 3x as strong because a lot of babies were dying from coughing disease (I don’t know the English name), so my body had to fight so hard to get the thing out of my system—that now I don’t accept any medication. 

We’ve tried so many treatments and medications but I’m just getting sicker, I had to stop doing my sport which is my life, and I’m now trying to work my body because I’m losing my strength and feeling in my muscles. It sucks it really does.

Nothing helps yet, just trying to workout and get my condition up. I notice it’s better to go for a walk instead of staying in bed — all day in bed days.

What inspires you?

“If I can do all the things so well and stay so strong while being so sick, how well would I have been if I wasn’t sick?”

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