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Story 111

© Illustration by Life in Lyme Light. 

How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

Hi everyone.. I’m going to tell you a story about me and my Lyme… we were raising a cow at a friend’s house in 1995… In July it was time to hay. So yes all four of us were in the field doing what needed to be done to feed the cows for a long cold winter in Minnesota!! It was a hot sunny day, good day to cut the hay and get the ball rolling!! We needed a break and to get something cold to drink. We went into the house and had watermelon. While we were sitting there I discovered what I thought was a NEWLY BORN TICK…Little did I know this tick was carrying LYME…As I played with it it was so tiny you could barely see it…we sat and ate our melon so as to get back out to the hay..!! Just before we left I squeezed (not what to do) the tick with my finger nails and away we went outside! 

Shortly after I had flu-like symptoms that seemed to get worse as the days passed, so I went to my doctor and had lab work done, she told me I think you have Lyme…I said what is that..? Well we will wait for tests then discuss it…Fast forward…Test were positive and did atbx for 6 months..! Would stop and it started right back maybe even a bit stronger then the first time! 

I next did IV‘s for one year!! Spent my days in bed with a nasty headache and a body that was not happy. After the year was up I was doing ok not cured, but I was able to get around. About three to five years…Then bam it came back…Crazy I know. So when you see someone that has Lyme if you can do the littlest thing for them please do it!! This is an awful disease with no cure!! They will thank you over and over.. 

As time went by I tried many natural ways to fix it some helped some not!! About 4 years ago I followed my Now up-line Cathy, she too had Lyme or so we thought…She also tried many things to get well some helped some not!! Then she found TRU. As I watched her I noticed big changes in her and kept following her!! I guess I waited about a year, maybe longer before I took the jump into it!! Still saying is that really making her feel better??…was I gonna get taken again by something else that does not work?...Spend untold amounts of money for someone else to get rich and still be sick every day?! 

Well I finally got my nerve up and took the supplements she told me to get…I went very slow, took brakes but did notice little things that changed. Not as much change as I expected but less pain, clearer head and could sleep big time all night!! So I stuck with it!! 

Today I’m out of my wheelchair!! Can now do things I never thought I ever would again…Like paint my doors…cook a whole meal…I even was able to go out in crowds of people!! Got in a car accident in January of this year!! Kicked my butt!! Pt again back in pain all over, but I’m not stopping. I know this will pass and I will be back to where I was mowing the lawn, camping, doing what I want, even driving!! It’s just a bump in that darn road!! 

So you see it’s not just about people making money off of you, they truly are angels sent to help us get well!! To them and me it’s about getting healthy detoxing the crap I took for years! I have made some wonderful friends since I started these supplements and I will never stop them. A one week sample is less than a meal at Mcdonald’s (yikes I never eat there)…Cathy is a wonderful coach and knows a lot about chronic disease. She was said to have many!! When it was mold that kept her sick!! Along with Lyme… Don’t watch the days pass by looking out the window!! Get your health back and live a healthy life once again!! TRU Health to you all!!!…Char. <3 <3 <3

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