How has Lyme Disease affected your life? What inspires you?

This is what a Tick Borne Illness/Lyme Disease feels like! I’m in so much body pain, exhausted, having a hard time staying awake, nauseous, my feet, spine and brain feel like they are on fire. I hate this, Chronic Lyme Disease hurts like hell! Top it off with losing my partner, The Burn is on! From the middle of my back to my toes! From minute to minute things can change and you can go from happy, to ouch and curled up in pain and crying. #lymedisease #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #cantwalk #cantstandonmylegs #dontfeelsorryformyelf #justneedyoutoumderstand #babeisos #burning #standingonhotcoals #feetaregonnaexplode #tickborneillness #Malaria #Alzheimersgene

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