The Rough Guide to Latin American Spanish Dictionary Phrasebook 1 (Rough Guide Phrasebooks)

Take alongside the tough consultant Latin American Spanish Phrasebook and make a few new neighbors whereas in your journey. This brand-new identify contains 16-pages of situation fabric; on hand as downloadable audio records, the situations were recorded by means of local audio system and fit to both your laptop or iPod. even if you must ask for instructions, fee the neighborhood bus instances or reserve a inn room, the transparent A-Z translations may help you in all demeanour of events. The advisor incorporates a certain grammar part and a worthy menu and beverages checklist reader – perfect whilst sampling the neighborhood food. With this pocket-sized phrasebook on your backpack you're certain to get pleasure from your journey!

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Dirección f [deereks-yon] path; handle; guidance; administration direccional f [deereks-yon-al] (Col, Mex) indicator director m, directora f supervisor; director; headteacher directorio m mobilephone listing dirigir [deereeheer] to direct; to steer disco m checklist disconformidad f [deeskonformeeda] ABCDEFGHIJKLDi confrontation discoteca f song store; disco disculparse [deeskoolparseh] to make an apology disculpe [deeskoolpeh] excuse me disculpen las molestias we make an apology for any inconvenience discurso m speech minded; distracted distribuidor m [deestreebweedor] distributor Distrito Federal m [fedairal] Federal District, Mexico urban distrito postal postcode, zip code disuélvase en agua dissolve in water divertido [deebairteedo] enjoyable; humorous divertirse [deebairteerseh] to celebrate divisas fpl [deebeesas] overseas foreign money divorciado [deebors-yado] divorced divorciarse [deebors-yarseh] to divorce divorcio m [deebors-yo] divorce divulgar [deeboolgar] to publicize dizque [deeskeh] (Andes, Mex) it sounds as if, supposedly faux doble [dobleh] double doble sentido two-way doce [doseh] twelve docena (de) f [dosena] dozen dólar m greenback doler [dolair] to harm dolor m ache dolor de cabeza [kabesa] diskette dolor de garganta [deh] sore discusión f [deeskoos-yon] dialogue; argument discutir to argue diseñador de modas m [deesenyador deh] dressmaker disimular [deeseemoolar] to disqueta f [deesketa] (Mex) distancia f [deestans-ya] distance distinto diversified 162 distraído [deestra-eedo] absent- headache throat dolor de muelas [mwelas] toothache dulces mpl [dools-es] candies, doloroso painful domicilio m [domeeseel-yo] dunas fpl sand dunes dundo (Nic) silly durante [dooranteh] in the course of Durex® m Sellotape®, Scotch earache position of place of abode domingo m Sunday domingos y feriados Sundays chocolates tape® and public vacation trips donativa f donations donde [dondeh] the place ¿dónde?

ABCDEFGHIJKLEv emergency go out los angeles salida de emergencia [deh] empty vacío [basee-o] finish el ultimate [feenal] (verb) terminar [tairmeenar] on the finish of the road al ultimate de los angeles calle [deh l. a. ka-yeh] while does it finish? ¿cuándo termina? [kwando] engaged (toilet, mobile) ocupado (to be married) comprometido engine (car) el motor England Inglaterra [eenglatairra] English inglés [eeng-les] I’m English (man/woman) soy inglés/inglesa do you communicate English? ¿habla inglés? [abla] get pleasure from disfrutar to get pleasure from oneself divertirse [deebairteerseh] English ➜ Spanish else: whatever else otra cosa elsewhere en otra parte [parteh] fifty seven English ➜ Spanish night (early night) l. a. tarde [tardeh] (after dusk) l. a. noche [nocheh] this night esta tarde/noche within the night por l. a. tarde/ noche night meal l. a. cena [sena] ultimately finalmente [feenalmenteh], por fin [feen] ever alguna vez [bes] discussion ABCDEFGHIJKLEv fifty eight have you been to Monterrey?

Fresa (Mex) posh fresco clean friforol m (Pan) chaos frigorífico m (Mex) refrigerator frío [free-o] chilly hace frío [aseh] it’s chilly frontera f [frontaira] border frutería f [frootairee-a] fruit ABCDEFGHIJKLFu plumber Francia f [frans-ya] France franela f (Rpl) duster franqueado [frankeh-ado] Spanish ➜ English florería f [florairee-a] florist florero m [florairo] vase floristería f (Col, Ven) florist flotadores mpl lifebelts flotar to drift FMT [efemeteh] (Mex) vacationer store; greengrocer’s fue [fweh] he/she/it went; he/she/it was once; you went; you have been fuego m [fwego] fireplace ¿tiene fuego?

Kwando 10 Scenarios is there a cheap resort you could suggest? a ¿puede recomendarme un inn económico? [pwedeh rekomendarmeh oon otel ekonomiko] desgraciadamente parece que todos están llenos b [desgras-yada-menteh pareseh keh todos estan yenos] I’m sorry, all of them appear to be totally booked are you able to provide me the identify of an outstanding middle-range lodge? a ¿me puede dar el nombre de un buen inn que no sea caro? [meh pwedeh dar el nombreh deh un bwen otel keh no seh-a karo] eventualities  Spanish 1.

Sorry, I don’t have any lo siento, no tengo [s-yento] anyone cualquiera [kwalkyaira] 33 English ➜ Spanish discussion reliable afternoon, sir, how am i able to assist you? buenas tardes, señor, ¿en qué puedo servirle? [bwenas tard-es sen-yor, en keh pwedo sairbeerleh] I’d wish to make an appointment quisiera hacer una cita [kees-yaira asair oona seeta] what time do you want? ¿a qué hora le conviene? ABCDEFGHIJKLAp [keh ora leh konb-yeneh] 3 o’clock a las tres I’m afraid that’s impossible, is 4 o’clock okay?

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