Awareness Campaign and Online Support Community to shed light on Lyme Disease.

This project started out as a graphic design thesis of awareness and inspiration for those who have Lyme. Volunteers are given the questions: “How has Lyme Disease affected your life?” and “What inspires you?” Select stories are chosen to highlight the diversity and severity of Lyme Disease in current time in hopes of spreading awareness and creating a support system for those that already have it, to know you are not alone.

The awareness symbol for Lyme Disease is a lime green butterfly, embodying freedom. The purpose of this project is to get those who have been affected by Lyme, back to freedom. A blank butterfly outline is provided to encourage anyone to fill the wings with what inspires them as an expression for creativity and identity.

Lyme Disease is classified as an invisible illness, part of the spoonie community. Invisible illnesses may appear as nothing wrong, when in fact the person could be suffering internally and present a facade to the outside world.


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This thesis project began as an inspiration from a dear friend who has the disease. This is dedicated to him.


The moment I finally told my best friend at my BFA show that I did my entire thesis on Lyme Disease!

Message from me,

My name is Lauren, this year-long thesis was part of my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, graduating in 2015. I don’t have Lyme Disease, but my childhood best friend has had it for years and I wanted to do something to help. Starting my project, I felt the immense weight of the subject matter and thought all of this was larger than myself, now I still believe it’s larger than myself but I am willing to hold on to this project as it continues to grow. I have never been more proud of something and I have all of you to thank. Without all of you, my project would just be an idea in my head. You never fail to leave me speechless with your support. I hope I continue to represent you all well and I will never stop being a Lyme awareness advocate, or your friend. I went into this project hoping to change the world, not know my world would be changed as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


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Featured in; The Design Observer and Blurb Inc., Thesis Book Project. 2015

ProHealth Article, “What do you wish others knew about Lyme Disease?” 2017

JGFF Foundation Inc. & Frankly Cupid Live Interview 2019

Tick Boot Camp Podcast Interview 2019

Lotus Wellness Navigation IGTV Interview 2020


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